Vyasa Puja offering 2015

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Offering to His Holiness Indradyumna Swami, May 2015

It’s written that this life is like
A water droplet on a leaf
At any time it slips and falls
And before that time so brief

We fill our days working to
Fulfill our basic needs
To bathe and clothe and eat and sleep
A narrow existence that is indeed

Most never seem to question why
We struggle on at all
The pleasures found within this world
Are undoubtedly quite small

Yet like mice we find we run around
This perpetual wheel
Chasing money chasing friendships
Chasing our next meal…

Yet all eludes our grasp it seems
What I thought was mine
All too soon is taken away
By the hands of time

This picture of reality
Is surely quite mundane
Many would deny the fact
And try despite the pain

To battle on and find some sense
In today’s rat race
Not seeing their demise draw near
They paint on a brave face

And place their faith in scientists
Who forever seem to claim
That life’s just chance and all you get
Is one shot in a pointless game

But some may find by chance or fate
A different point of view
Sick of suffering and tired of toiling
For the benefit of the few

They come across great souls that have
Through history come to solve
The mystery of our existence
And invite us to evolve

Not from cavemen or apes as taught in school
But elevate our minds
The evolution of consciousness
Is the one thing we will find

That makes some sense in answering
The big questions of our time
By travelling back towards a source
That is actually Divine

We find great purpose and the bliss
That’s escaped us all along
Unlocked in a mantra
That’s a universal song

But not by chance or our endeavour
Could we hope to find
This rarest treasure trove of love
Beyond all space and time

By compassion alone do we now
Travel along the devotional road
What’s given to us by mercy
Is a debt that’s always owed

On on this day and every day
In fact we should recognise
The connection we’ve been given
Is Krishna’s mercy in disguise

And while I sit before you
I can easily make the error
Of thinking the Guru just a human being
It’s far beyond what we can measure

So this is not a birthday
In the sense of candles and of cake
We all are born into this world
But it’s surely a great mistake

To think that your appearance
Was like any other in this land
Your destiny to become our eternal teacher
Was chalked out by Divine hands

And while we learn that nothing lasts
Except for bhakti I know indeed
You will leave this world but remain with us
As we remember your strong lead

Of what it means to follow
Then lead others by example
To Prabhupada’s lotus feet
What you’ve given us is ample

Your unworthy servant, Vijaya-Gauranga das