Brahmana’s and Anarchists – changing times, eternal truths

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Long before anarchism as we know it now was formed, or named as such, free thinkers were around in places like India (and no doubt other ancient indigenous cultures) thousands of years ago. Such people existed in their own right, free from the constraints of traditional thought and lifestyles, known as sages and rishis, yogis and ascetics.

The great saga Vyasa who compiled the ancient Vedas

With their often unorthodox ways of living and thinking, often matted dreadlocks, naked bodies, dirt covered and dishevelled – ‘ordinary’ people (if such a thing exists) considered them anti-social, mad, even dangerous… yet what they displayed was a much greater degree of intelligence than required by people who live by social constraints, rules, man-made laws, as if sheeplike herded by the powers that be for their selfish gains.

The brahmanas of Vedic culture spoke unadulterated truth in assemblies of people in the forests

Even such rulers were far less intelligent, not realising the miserly pleasure of exploiting other humans and animals for transient sensual gratification or ego fueled power games of domination of land, property and citizens. Those rulers were the ksatriyas, often good leaders not necessarily all corrupt, but it was the brahmanas – those who knew the spiritual purpose of life above and beyond bodily and mental needs, that were the true leaders and inspirational thinkers of the time – really precursors of today’s travelling speakers such as David Icke, Antony Robbins, Vandana Shiva etc, and anyone who moves across the globe to spread a message of peace and equality for all beings.

The Vedas, ancient Sanskrit texts: a page from the Atharva-veda

Knowledge being the over-arching panacea or cure-all for every conceivable problem stemming ultimately from ignorance. Such people were part of what we call the ‘Vedic’ culture – a very ancient wisdom that has been uncovered by archaeology, linguistics and literature alike, revealing a deeply rooted and incredibly advanced culture whose name Veda literally means ‘knowledge’. Even today, scientists cannot fathom things that were common knowledge to people of that time, such as the precision of architecture, knowledge of the subtle bodily meridians, the effects and power of the mind…. to name just a few.

Yet we’re taught from school that this Western industrialised civilisation is the absolute pinnace of human achievement, and it’s just the beginning and ‘things can only get better’…. yeah, right. Things in actuality can’t get much worse. The ‘amoral technological avalanche’ as an Indian leader once called it is gaining momentum like a crazed snowball about to devastate everything in it’s path! And we never stop to think while we’re ignoring all our fellow humans on the trains and buses to check the latest status update instead, that our civil liberties are being taken away more and more by the few in power and disempowering the many who are like sheep being rounded up by the wolves of this world.

We could go on about the world’s problems forever, but there is hope. Great hope, like a light shining brightly through the darkness of all the garbage we’re surrounded by that fails to bring one iota of real happiness, and instead drains our very souls and makes us slavishly chase the material things that money can buy yet can’t stop from being taken away by the hands of time. That hope is one thing: knowledge. In fact, it’s two things: knowledge and love. And when it comes down to it really it’s only one thing, and that’s love. Not the kind of plastic love bought in the latest pop-up store, or sung about like endless cliches on commercial radio (more commercials than radio does anyone notice?). Real love. Unconditional love. But we require knowledge to get there. Otherwise it’s a soppy sort of sentimental lovey-dovey wishy-washy thing that’s not love at all, but more like naivety.

Back to Godhead magazine was founded by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1944 and continues to this day teaching the knowledge of the Vedic civilisation for the upliftment of society

Universal love, emanating from the very source of existence, is what we crave – each and every one of us, and we’re certainly not going to find it in the stores or on the TV screen no matter how large, how multi-dimensional, or how polyphonic it sounds. Because we’re simply barking up the wrong tree!

Ancient civilisations with technology that baffles us today alone disprove the modern theory of evolution from cavemen to modern humans

This was known to smart people millenia ago, not the caveman picture we’ve been painted by school (rewritten) history – not that living in a cave is anything uncivilised anyway – today’s modern cities are like caves now with half of everything underground in endless mazes of malls and tunnels that block out almost all natural sunlight in favour of the spray-on tan. Point aside, such people lived simply because that allowed time to think and act, rather than chase your tail 24/7/365/70+ years until you drop none the wiser… Such simplicity is unknown now, and seen to be laziness in the midst of a frenetic race to nowhere.

‘Hippies’ they shout! Drug addled good-for-nothing layabouts. ‘Get a proper job!’ As if to drag everyone else down to their level of semi-conscious misery… of course the hippy generation failed to achieve most of the goals of peace and love due to either an excess of substance abuse (or probably not the substances themselves but the side effects of all the crap mixed with mind-altering substances which in a pure state and taken in right context, can have a positive effect). Or else it was the glimmer of money as the hippies became yuppies, tired of the discomfort of protest and instead craving the illusion of comfort through material gain. In any case, times have changed, and of course every sane person would choose peace and love over war and hate (which is what we have much more of now), but they simply don’t really know where to get it. School didn’t tell us. College didn’t tell us. University MA’s, PhD’s, Post-Grads etc still didn’t teach us the most essential thing we need to know. And what is it we need to know first and foremost?? Who we ARE!!!

If we don’t know that we’re already headed in the wrong direction, like a child that calculates 1+1=3 then goes on compounding the mistake into maths, trigonometry, quantum physics…. and any other useless thing taught in school, useless that is without getting the first premise correct. THEN it has value, as the founder of the Hare Krishna movement, Srila Prabhupada, would famously say – if you take a line of zeros they’re still just zero. But if you add the one in front, oh then you have great value. Absolute genius. We never heard that in school did we? Or on any TV or radio station I ever heard. But we will, one day, I’m sure… in the meantime, both the writing, printing and distribution of literature of an anarchist nature and that a truly spiritual nature ( don’t read that as ‘religion’, ugh!) – no matter what flavour or angle either come from (why fight over details? Better to unite over similarities), will truly bring about a change on the planet. To me they go hand in glove, but we need to understand them both in essence. A little more is probably known about the more modern anarchist thought, perhaps a little less of the very ancient…

“Those who engage in the culture of nescient activities shall enter into the darkest region of ignorance. Worse still are those engaged in the culture of so-called knowledge.” – Sri Isopanisad mantra 9

So this all came from the ancient Vedic civilisation, and most likely other cultures which were much more connected than we used to think. In Sanskrit the term was ‘aham brahmasmi’ – I Am Spirit. And that’s just the basics, the ABC’s. You have to go way further to understand the bigger picture. Which is why I’m bothering to write this I suppose…. if even one sincere seeker were to be inspired to search out books like Bhagavad-gita, or Isopanisad, I’d certainly consider it as success.

Local residents of holy places in India uphold the ancient spiritual traditions, which in themselves are a protest to the advancement of modern civilisation, and are spreading around the world as people tire of materialistic ways of life

Just as protesters can wrongly feel discouraged by lack of response from the general masses, we should never feel our efforts are wasted. When you’re selling genuine diamonds don’t expect a flock of customers!! If you want that flock of idiots just sell gadgets, iPhones, iPods, iThis and iThat, iCeCream, iCe and crack cocaine and (so-called) ecstacy….. but if you value the true meaning of life, which is the pursuit of lasting pleasure, not temporary, titillating pleasures that come and go fleetingly and leave us empty and frustrated – then reach for the higher wisdom that will lead to the ultimate high of ‘ananda’ – unending bliss.

You know it sounds appealing, but you can’t taste the vegan honey by licking the bottle, you gotta dive in.

Join us brothers and sisters.
Hare Krsna. Jah Rastafari. Namaste. Peace n Love 😉

“An intelligent person does not take part in the sources of misery which are due to contact with the material senses. O son of Kunti, such pleasures have a beginning and an end, and so the wise man does not delight in them.”

– Bhagavad-gita 5.22

“Anyone who happens by,
on their way to somewhere else –
clicking through the endless screens
for the garbage on the shelves
reflections of ourselves –
to consider the cost
of all this shit we seem to think
will fill our perforated souls.
We’re more hole than human being,
can’t wash away that stink.”

Propagandhi – Unscripted Moment

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